The GRID is the next-generation digital hub for modern supply chains

We’ve created the first supply chain software of its kind which connects typically siloed business operations within one user-friendly and powerful platform. The GRID simplifies complex supply chains through real-time collaboration, transparency, and analytics. Take control of your supply chain with the GRID

The Grid was created out of a necessity for greater supply chain efficiency and visibility

Our vision was to create an intuitive system that simplifies every supply chain, powers access for every participant, and delivers unmatched value. Supply chains are complex. Our goal is to combat that complexity with one connected platform.

Suuchi Ramesh

Founder & CEO, Suuchi Inc.

Streamlined workflows across the entire supply chain

Manage your supply chain data across the length of sourcing, product development, production, and logistics. Collaborate in real time with your vendors to identify potential delays before they become problems

A single source of truth for all new product development, digital assets, file sharing, and assignment management.

Single source of truth for costing, purchase orders, logistics, and invoices.

Explore Project Management, Collaboration, Reporting, and Global Sourcing Network layers.

Eliminate data silos for smarter decision-making

Build a more resilient business by making data-backed decisions. Collect data across the entire supply chain and drive game-changing reporting. Product development, purchasing, production, and logistics are no longer siloed.

Metrics that matter *

A platform that drives results and sparks innovation.

Faster time-to-market

Achieve up to 25% faster time-to-market.

Lower cost of goods

Up to 7% reduction in COGS and operating overhead.

Improve and digitize workflow

Accelerate supply chain processes by digitizing your workflows.

Scale lean

Delay operations and supply chain hires by automating with technology.

* Metrics based on data reported over a 24 month period

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