Learn C/C++ Programming Languages

C/C++ Programming Languages

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Indian Institute Of Technical Computer Application (IITCA) offers C/C++ Programming Languages courses from programming experts. We provide you the best quality C/C++ Programming Languages training and also about C/C++ Programming development. Our well structured course modules will give in-depth knowledge of programming skills. We provide you the practical training for all the concepts you learn. We will teach you both static and dynamic techniques on live projects.

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A few words about us :- We at Indian Institute Of Technical Computer Application (IITCA) are group of Freelancers in our team we have more than best education providing. Softwere Developers by C/C++ Programming & Java Programming. we just decided to share the most needed and recommended professional skills to all those freshers who are wondering for better skills and salary hike in their jobs. We held this boot camp not for training session only but you can keep in touch with us for life time to share your problems and queries about the relevant subjects..

Note:  Complete Study material and required Software will be provided during the course.

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C Programming Language

What is C ?

  • Execution of C Program
  • History
  • Structure of C Program

Variables and Keywords :

  • Character Set
  • Identifier
  • Variable
  • Keywords
  • Escape Sequence Characters

Constants :

  • Real Constant
  • Integer Constant
  • Character Constant
  • String Constant

Data Types :

  • Data Types
  • Qualifier
  • Enum
  • Typedef

Operators :

  • Assignment Operator
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Relational Operators
  • Shorthand Operators
  • Unary Operators
  • Conditional / Ternary Operator
  • Biwise Operators
  • Operator Precedence and Associativity
  • If Statement
  • If-Else Statement
  • Nested If-Else
  • Switch Case

Looping Statements

  • Looping / Iterative Statements
  • while
  • do while
  • for loop
  • Break Statement
  • Continue Statement
  • Goto

Functions :

  • Function call by passing value
  • Function call by returning value
  • Function call by passing and returning value
  • Recursion

Storage Classes :

  • Storage Classes
  • Automatic Storage Class (auto)
  • Register Storage Class (register)
  • Static Storage Class (static)
  • External Storage Class (extern)

Array :

  • Array
  • Single / One Dimensional Array
  • Two Dimensional Array

Structure :

  • Structure
  • Array in Structures
  • Structure with Array
  • Difference between array and structure


Union :

  • Union
  • Difference between structure and union
  • Strings
  • File Handling

Header Files :

  • Header File
  • Assert.h
  • Ctype.h
  • Math.h
  • Process.h
  • String.h
  • Time.h

C++ Programming Language


  • Compilers

Basics of C++

  • Structure of a program
  • Variables and types
  • Constants
  • Operators
  • Basic Input/Output

Program structure

  • Control Structures
  • Functions
  • Overloads and templates
  • Name visibility

Compound data types

  • Arrays
  • Character sequences
  • Pointers
  • Dynamic Memory
  • Data structures
  • Other data types


  • Classes (I)
  • Classes (II)
  • Special members
  • Friendship and inheritance
  • Polymorphism

Other language features

  • Type conversions
  • Exceptions
  • Preprocessor directives

C++ Standard Library

  • Input/Output with files


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