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Internet is expanding quickly and most of the activities today are taking place on Internet. The need for IT security or Information security or cyber security is on demand today with the expansion of internet. Indian Institute Of Technical Computer Application (IITCA) knows how much important is your digital assets are and therefore offering the cyber security course that would enable the students to learn how to secure the digital assets. The course module is designed by the experts and the training would be on live projects.

If you would like to make career in information or cyber security or if you are a company owner and would like to watch what your employees are doing, how much secure is your confidential data that this information cyber security course would be the best training program for you.

Note:  Complete Study material and required Software will be provided during the course.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

  • Hacking V/s Cracking
  • Different kinds of Hacking


Chapter 2: Information and Database Gathering

  • Introduction to Information gathering
  • How to gather different types of confidential Information


Chapter 3: Process of Virtualization and System Cloning

  • Overview to Virtualization
  • Installing Virtual Box


Chapter 4: Windows Hacking and Security Tricks Including Windows 8 and Previous Versions

  • Understanding the Operating System
  • Implementing Security in Operating Systems


Chapter 5: How to Crack Passwords?

  • About Password Cracking
  • Different types of password cracking techniques


Chapter 6: Data Hiding Techniques

  • Steganography Techniques
  • How to hide data in images and in other formats of files


Chapter 7: Different Aspects of Cyber Laws

  • Overview to Cyber Laws
  • Indian Cyber Laws


Chapter 8: Setting up Penetration testing box

  • Hardware required for setting penetration testing box
  • Commercial software


Chapter 9: Network Scanning

  • External Scanning
  • Different scripts in Backtrack


Chapter 10: Using and Exploiting the Findings of Scanner

  • Metasploit on Windows and Kali Linux
  • Configuring and setting up Metasploit Remote Attacks


Chapter 11: Web Applications Findings and its Exploitation

  • Web application Penetration testing
  • Setting and running up SQL Injections


Chapter 12: Browsing through the Network

  • Getting on the Network without any Information or Credentials
  • Pulling out Clear Text Credentials


Chapter 13: Social Engineering

  • Understanding Doppelganger Domains
  • Using SMTP Attacks


Chapter 14: Understanding Attacks that requires Physical Access

  • Exploiting the Vulnerabilities of Wireless
  • Active and Passive Attacks


Chapter 15: Evading AV and Python

  • Introduction to Evading AV
  • How to Hide WCE from AV (Windows)


Chapter 16: Cracking, Exploit and Tricks

  • Understanding password Cracking
  • Cracking WPAv2



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